These are downloads related to NABU computer hardware, software, and the NABU Internet Adapter for experiencing the original Nabu network and homebrew applications on real hardware.

NABU Internet Adapter

Connect a real NABU PC to the original NABU Network and homebrew using the official Internet Adapter. 

*Note: includes trouble-shooting FAQ

Get Internet Adapter

NABU Quiver

All the things related to NABU that you can download here. ROMs, manuals, and more.

View The NABU Quiver

NABU MAME Emulator

Don't have a NABU? Don't worry! Thanks to the awesome community, there's a MAME NABU Emulator. You will need to start the Internet Adapter TCP Server, double click on the NABU.CMD file  and you're using a NABU on the PC.