These are downloads related to NABU computer hardware, software, and the NABU Internet Adapter for experiencing the original Nabu network and homebrew applications on real hardware.

NABU Internet Adapter

Connect a real NABU PC to the original NABU Network and homebrew using the official NABU Internet Adapter. 

*Note: includes trouble-shooting FAQ

Get Internet Adapter

NABU Keyboard Emulator

Emulate a NABU keyboard by using your PC keyboard and/or joystick

Get Keyboard Emulator

NABU Telnet Terminal

An ADM3a Telnet Client for Cloud CP/M

Get Telnet Terminal

NABU Quiver

All the things related to NABU that you can download here. ROMs, programming tools, sprite editors, manuals, and more.

View The NABU Quiver

HomeBrew (NABU-LIB)

The homebrew NABU programming library and examples have moved to GitHub. However, you may visit the NABU Quiver for tools and other documentation.


NABU MAME Emulator

Don't have a NABU? Don't worry! Thanks to BriJohn, there's a MAME NABU Emulator. You will need to start the Internet Adapter TCP Server before double clicking the NABU.CMD file  and you're using a NABU on the PC.


MESS F18a Emulator

This MESS build has F18a emulation so you can run 80-Column Cloud CPM. Simply load the Internet Adapter, start the TCP Server, and double click the NABU.CMD file.