York University Computer Museum

Note: NABU.CA is not part of York University. This page was created to appreciate the work they have done to restore the NABU Network for their museum.

Do not have a NABU Personal Computer but want to see one in action?

The NABU Preservation Group has donated software to the York University Computer Museum to reconstruct the original NABU Network from 1984.

Visit the York University Computer Museum to see a reconstruction project and online collection devoted to the NABU Network. 

In October 2009, York University obtained a collection of original NABU software from Leo Binkowski created for the NABU CABSERVE development system. This collection includes a sample NABU Network programming cycle and software development tools. 

Zbigniew Stachniak from the York University Computer Museum talks about their NABU Network reconstruction project.

YUCoM's version of the NABU Network was officially unveiled and demonstrated on April 24, 2009, during the NABU Network at York University Computer Museum event at York University. The event was opened by John Kelly (the founder of NABU Corporation), who talked about the genesis of the NABU Network and the economic and technological climate of its invention and development.

On November 21, 2009, YUCoM's version of the NABU Network was demonstrated during a special NABU Network event organized by the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM). The event, managed excellently by David Pantalony, CSTM's Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine, was well attended. John Kelly's opening address was followed by the NABU Network Reconstruction Project at York University lecture, YUNN's presentation, and formal and informal discussions. It was gratifying to see so many former NABU employees and NABU Network users participating in the event.

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