The truth behind NABU...

The Complete History of the NABU Computer

There are many incorrect and presumptuous details on other websites about the NABU company. This page, created by real ex-Nabu employees and family relatives, will "write the wrongs" of information published elsewhere. 

*Note: This page is being updated as we collection new information, so check back often.

Last Updated March 30, 2024

NABU's Complete History

Starting off


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Wired program distribution system tamper detector

June 25, 1981

NABU Manufacturing files a patent for a wired program distribution tamper detection circuit useful in CATV including pay T.V. systems which is connected in the subscriber drop cable between the trunk and a subscriber's pay T.V. security device.


York University Starts  NABU Network Collection


The York University began their collection of NABU documentation, hardware, software and more. However, many artifacts were donated by Leo Binkowski, where he was not credited.


NABU Network Reconstruction Project at YUCoM


York University Computer Museum began a reconstruction project and online collection devoted to the NABU Network.


YUNN goes to Ottawa

November 21, 2009

YUCoM's version of the NABU Network was demonstrated during a special NABU Network event organized by the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM)


Remember This? The NABU Network

Oct 25, 2021

James Powell of City News wrote an article about NABU that was factual in business details, but incorrect regarding bi-directional communication with Telidon.